3 Unusual Ways to Grow Your Business in the UAE

Author: Kishore Dharmarajan, CEO & Founder at Seo Souq FZ LLC

All businesses need exposure, but even more than that, you need paying customers and you need the cost to acquire a customer to be less than the life-time value of that customer, so you can profitably scale your business.

The fastest way to get exposure is advertising, but it can be expensive and needs a lot of monitoring. That is why you will find these unusual ways of getting exposure for your business to be useful.

1. Do an ROI Campaign
In the past when people used to advertise on non-digital media, they had no idea where the ads appeared or who saw the ads. Times have changed and in this digital era it is not only possible to target potential buyers, you can even ensure that you get a 600% ROI on your digital advertising cost.

By using advanced analytics to zero-in on highly prospective customers and using emotionally driven marketing messages, clients who operate in healthcare, skincare, education, events management, moving & packing and heavy industries can expect excellent results from Digital campaigns.

However, ROI campaigns do not work in highly competitive industries like Insurance, Banking, Dining, Real Estate, Consultation, Training and FMCG sectors. (Contact me for a full list of industries and a detailed breakdown of the ROI methodology).

2. Stealth Marketing on LinkedIn
With 400 million users and an average household income of $83,000 per year, LinkedIn is an untapped social media platform. Used primarily by professionals, LinkedIn has far less clutter than other social media sites and is a unique space where you can cultivate important relationships with top influencers in your field.

If you write a good article on LinkedIn and post it at 5 pm on workdays or at 12 noon on holidays you have a good chance of going viral. If you can incorporate a story in your article or ride a popular trending topic, your chances of going viral are exponentially higher.

Last month, I posted 40 articles on LinkedIn and got over 100,000 reads. Since the average cost per click on LinkedIn advertising is $2.5, the free articles that I wrote gave me exposure that would have cost $250,000.

3. Advertise on City Based Sites

If your business is in Dubai, there is a good chance that your customers are Dubai based and it makes business sense to advertise on Dubai-based sites like www.dubai.digital and DubaiExpatBlog.com. These sites get a lot of Dubai-based traffic, but they are not as expensive as mainstream sites.

For as low as Dhs 5000 you would be able to put a banner ad on these sites, and it could get you as much as 300,000 impressions every 30 days.

3 Unusual Ways to Grow Your Business in the UAE